Expect a sense of precision in every dish

While we pride ourselves on a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant, expect a sense of precision in every dish sent from the kitchen to your table.

From paper-thin slices of cured ham neatly presented on wooden boards, to perfectly aligned plump anchovies that sing with vinegar, pick and choose dishes from each section of our carefully curated and seasonally sourced new menu.

The star of the show is the tender sweet octopus, served in small pieces, the edges burnished with paprika.

Or treat yourself to a hearty Galician style stew, perfect for a wet and windy winter.

From the fringes of the menu pick at well-dressed salads and don’t be surprised to find the kids fighting with your fingers for the last of the patatas bravas.

While You Wait

Bread & Oil (v)

Pan y aceite


Olives (V) (GF)



Bread & Tomato (V)

Pan Tumaca


Garlic Bread (V)

Pan Con Ajo


Cold Tapas

Anyone who has visited Spain knows that they know how to make the best of a pig – from the mighty Jamón Ibérico de Bellota to the humble morcilla sausage (the Spanish equivalent of black pudding), our exciting world of tapas is packed with porky pleasures.

Anchovies in Vinegar (GF)

Boquerones en vinagre


Iberian Chorizo Slices

Chorizo Iberico


Galician Cheese (V)

Queso Gallego


Iberian Ham (GF)

Jamon Iberico


Mediterranean Vegetables (V) (GF)

Verduras Mediterraneas


Pincho Slider

Tabla de pinchos


White Asaparagus (V)

Esparragos blancos


Hot Tapas

The croquettes are addictively creamy, and the traditional empanadas are filled with tuna – these delicious little pastries were originally inspired by the samosa in the Portuguese colony of Goa.

Don’t miss pimientos de padrón small green peppers which are fried and sprinkled with sea salt.

You’ll find them on almost every tapas menu across Spain, although they originate from the area of Padrón, found in Galicia, southwest of the city Santiago de Compostela.

The residents of the area are so proud of these small vegetables that they hold a festival in their honour each August.

Chicken & Ham Croquettes

Croquetas caseras


Prawn Pil Pil (GF)

Gambas as pil pil


Spanish Omelette (GF)

Tortilla Espanola


Tuna Empanadas

Empanadillas de atun


Chorizo in Wine (GF)

Chorizo al vino


Chicken Julianas

Juliana Pollo


Pork fillet Galician Style



Padron Peppers (V) (GF)

Pimientos de Padron


Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Albondigas en salsa


Spiced Potato

Patatas bravas


Chickpea Stew (V) (GF)

Garanzos con espinacas y tomate



Calamares a La Romana


Spanish bean with Sausage

Fabada Asturiana


Liver with Onions

Higado Encebollado



Pair your dishes with a perfectly dressed crisp side salad of fresh seasonal leaves, or try it the traditional Galician way – topped with a slab of fresh, creamy goat’s cheese.

Green Salad

Ensalada verde


Chef's Salad

Ensalada del chef


Three colours Salad (Mozzarella, Avocado & Tomato)

Tres Colores


Warm Goats Cheese Salad

Ensalada tibia de queso de cabra


Octopus Salad

Pulpo a la vinagreta



Paella might be the most famous dish in Spain, but no other paellas are quite like ours. Our chefs have their own secret recipes which have been passed down to them through generations!

Vegetarian – £15 for one person, £25 for two persons

Other Paella – £18 for one person, £30 for two persons

Valencian Paella

Paella Valenciana

Seafood Paella

Paella de marisco

Mediterranean Veg Paella

Paella vegetarina

Squid Ink Paella

Arroz negro

From The Grill

Taste the very best of Spain though our impeccably sourced meats, grilled carefully and simply to allow the flavours to shine through.

Baby Squid (GF)



Chicken Wings (GF)

Alas De Pollo


Sardines (GF)



Mediterranean Prawns (GF)

Langostinos mediterraneous


Octopus Grill (GF)

Pulpo Grill


Chicken La Rueda

Pollo La Rueda


Monkfish In Garlic Sauce (GF)

Rape a la Malaguena


Monkfish Galician Style (GF)

Rape a la Gallega


Seabass (GF)



Iberian Pork Secreto (GF)

Secreto de cerdo Iberico


Sirloin Steak 10oz (GF)



Lamb Chops (Four Pieces Grilled & Veg) (GF)

Chuletas de Cordero



Perfect pairings for your meal.

Spanish Fries (V) (GF)

Patatas fritas


Spanish Rice (V) (GF)

Arroz Espanol


Sharing Platters

Our generous platters of paper-thin slices of exquisitely cured ham and regional cheeses are neatly presented on wooden boards, giving the whole table a chance to some of the best flavours Galicia has to offer.

Galician Cheese (V) (GF)

Queso Gallego


Spanish Ham (GF)

Jamon Serrano





Spanish Ham and Cheese

Jamon y queso Espanol


Galician Octopus

The star of the show on our traditional Galician is the tender sweet octopus, served in small pieces, the edges burnished with paprika. Although it comes from one of the country’s poorest regions, gastronomically speaking octopus is one of the richest and most authentic dishes we offer. Enjoy!

Octopus Olive Oil & Paprika (GF)

Pulpo a la Gallega


Chefs Octopus (GF)

Pulpo a la Rueda


Octopus Salad

Pulpo a la vinagreta



Santiagoo Almond Cake Tarta

Tarta de Santiago


Grandma's Cookies, Custard and Chocolate Cake

Tarta de La Abuela


Catalonian Creme Brulee

Crema Catalana





Ice Cream


£2.00 per scoop